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So i’ve been struggling lately with trying to find my niche with this blog and my stores. The more think about it and look into and seek some feedback (which by the way, i’m always open to more feedback), i’m sensing that “before and after” kind of stuff really strikes a chord with me. Call me girly or whatever, but my wife got me hooked on a design blog called design*sponge. Its pretty fantastic some of the stuff people have done and submit. Back in the day, my dad & i restored and refinished an old cedar wardrobe and some dining room chairs. I’ve just always enjoyed doing stuff like that, but haven’t been able to commit to it.

Anyway, i’ve been looking at more and more stuff like this, and have started thinking about how i miss doing this sort of thing. So i thought, what better than to share with my reader (yes, singular)  some things that have recently caught my attention…..



there’s just a couple, but you get the point. Lanna and i have some things we’re looking to refinish/rescue, so hopefully before too long, i”ll have some pictures of our stuff up here. If you like this kind of stuff, you might also enjoy my stuff (click the Storenvy and/or Etsy banners to the left) and FunkyJunkCompany.

I had a little gig last night with my band , The Waking Point and we used some of my speaker lamps on stage with us. Not only do they make good table lamps, but they add a cool vibe to a stage, too. Just sayin’.

Valentines Day Stage setup

Before i sign off, just wanted to let you that i finally made the leap to twitter. You can see the feed to the left, so go follow me.

Help support my wife, too by checking out her BLOG and STORE


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