they call it “upcycling”…

i’ll call it rescuing. There’s something extremely intriguing to me about the parallel between restoring “junk” and life-restoration. I think the cool thing about “picking” is that, if you allow yourself to think outside the box for a moment, it allows you to dream not only about the past life of something, but the potential that it has to become something new and beautiful again. Thinking over yesterdays post, i decided that is definitely something i want to pursue. Now, the purpose of this blog is not to talk about faith and the bible and all of that. It’s deep in my heart, and fuels my passion for restoring things, but this is not the venue i want to use to express that. However, it’s impossible for me to escape that. We have a beauty and potential to become something more than we’ve become and we are pursued, fought for, and restored. Thats the parallel. Here’s the rest of my post: just some more pictures and links for you to check out and support.

These two wallets caught my eye. Stinkin cool idea and great designs. I’m a sucker for vintage ties.


Help me out a little. If i put stuff LIKE this on my speaker-lamps, would it make them more appealing?



Thats it for today. Hit up all the “credit” links and show some love to these awesome stores. Let me know your thoughts.

**also, go HERE for a free download from The Waking Point.


One comment

  1. nickmciver

    this might be pretty cool on your lamps. once i can afford it, i’ll totally buy one of them… especially if you go with one of those cool vinyl additions.

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