Exciting week so far…

At least i feel like it has been for me. One of the goals that lanna and i set at the beginning of the year was to get our shops up and running. HER SHOPS have done better than mine and i’m so pumped about that, but i’m still yet to make a sale. Now if you recall, i mentioned in my “Local Stuff” post that Redtree not only sells coffee AND artwork, but also specialty items like bags, tshirts, wallets, prints and the like. Well, as of this week, two of my speaker lamps will be sold there, too! I’m really excited to have “The Earth and The Moon” and “Aura” displayed at one of my favorite places! Just for the occasion I made hand-stamped business cards using old library catalogue cards (thanks to NKU for supplying a bunch!) and sweet little wooden-handled stamps from Staples. I got the idea here. To mark my pumped-upped-ness, i took a few pictures. Check em.

sweet new handmade business cards


"The Earth and The Moon

Also, we put a few more paintings on Lanna’s Storenvy, so go check those out right now!

Leave me some comments. I really want to hear from you!



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