Spring time is quickly approaching and i thought this little fella would be the perfect host to welcome it in! Here’s what i’m most excited about for this Spring…..


My friend and bandmate, Mike,  got my lovely wife and I tickets to see SWITCHFOOT at the end of the month. They’re pretty amazing. I’m really hoping to meet them and possibly get to hang out with them. That would be FANTASTIC!


Over the past few years, i’ve developed a love for flip-flops and i don’t care who knows it. Every chance i can get to wear them, i do. Old Navy’s are my favorite…. probably because they’re super check, and pretty comfortable. I’m actually wearing a pair right now. Today’s good.

Flying Bulldog

I think the only thing better than a bulldog is one that flies. Why SHOULDN’T this be a t-shirt?! I saw this shirt on Etsy like last year and i’ve wanted it ever since. Bulldogs are B.A.


Basically……A bandana, t-shirt, make shift manpris and flipflops are what i wear all the way through fall. BTW, that’s Toby (RIP). He was a good man.

Throw in a good pipe, my beautiful wife, some good friends and good conversation, nothing on earth could be more perfect.

I’d love to hear what you’re looking forward to this Spring!


One comment

  1. joshuaheizer

    I miss Toby.
    Flip flops rule!

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