So for the past 3 days, IWearYourShirt.com has been talking about and wearing the shirt of Gowalla. Honestly, there are times where i wish i had a smart phone. This week it’s hit me a little harder. I wanted so badly to be involved in the check-ins and trips and highlights and spots and scoring sweet pins and all that goodness. I know it’s a superficial thing, but i really want a smart phone soon. Gowalla seems amazing.

Speaking of how amazing they are, in effort to be as involved in the tweeting and promoting as much as possible, i took a picture and asked if Gowalla would send me their logo to Photoshop onto my t-shirt. It’s the closest thing i had to a real Gowalla shirt. UNTIL NOW!!! Not only did they email the logos (and quickly, at that) but they’re sending me a FREE SHIRT when their new shipment comes in! That’s freakin service! I’m pumped. When i get a real shirt, I’ll take another picture and post it on the interwebs.

Until then, however, here are my Faux-Walla t-shirt pics. (See what i did there?)


Faux-Walla shirt 1



Faux-Walla Shirt 2


Tomorrow marks the day of the second IWearYourShirt Hire for 2011. To be honest, i don’t think I’ve been active long enough to be considered yet, but I’m dreaming a little bit. I want the job. Bad. So if you’re reading this and you have posted a link on your Facebook and/or twitter and/or blog or gotten a sweet neck-tattoo that says “Vote for Matt Hoffman in 2011!” then please consider doing that. It’ll only takes a few minutes (except the latter).

Last thing….go buy my band‘s e.p. on Itunes. It’s less than $5 and preeeetttyyyy amazing.


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